Shipping times

Shipments are regular according to the times indicated on the page of each product, however due to the heavy traffic the Couriers may be slowed down and delivery cannot be guaranteed by Christmas.


All our products are shipped from our RocketBaby Logistics Center in Milan, Italy,after careful quality control of the products.


48h to 5-10 days

It depends on the product, each product page shows the shipping times.

For products immediately available in stock, the shipping time is about 48 hours, for products that are arriving directly from the manufacturer the delivery time can be from 5 to 10 working days.

For an order that contains both immediately available items and items with 5-10 days availability, we will wait for all items to be ready to proceed with shipping.

If some items are delayed and we exceed 12 business days, your order will be divided into 2 shipments to allow you to receive the items already available first.


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